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At Apogee, we believe that a knife is a tool that should last.  We are committed to using the highest quality materials and components on the market to provide a knife built to last decades, if not longer.  All of our handles are either Micarta or G10, which are the handle materials of choice in the high end custom knife market.  Our handle pins and butt caps are made from tough stainless steel.  And our blades are made from American made Carpenter BD1N Nitrogen bearing Martensitic stainless steel.  This steel is at the very forefront of steel technology and allows for amazing edge retention.  Normally, a knife maker has to choose between hardness for edge retention and toughness for longevity.  BD1N had allowed us to get the best of both worlds out of our knives.


Last year, we at Apogee Culinary Designs made a change in our manufacturing partner.  You may have noticed that our knives now proudly sport our own name instead of that of our past factory!


This change has allowed us more freedom and flexibility in our range of knives and accessories.  Expect some new and exciting things in the future.  We are very excited with this opportunity.  The quality of our knives is now better than ever!


With our new partner, we have been able to implement many quality improvements and maintain using the same high quality materials we've always used and stood behind.  On our new knives, you'll notice higher quality surface finishing on the blades and handles, better handle fitment, a more consistent factory edge, a better bevel and profile grind, and many other improvements!