About Us

Company History

Apogee Culinary, LLC was founded by Dennis Epstein in June 2016. With almost 30 years in the housewares business, and with 17 of those years specifically focused on designing knives with premium cutlery manufacturers, Dennis has had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best in the world. He worked for Wolfgang Wusthof, who taught him everything he knows about German knives, as well as Ken Onion and Bob Kramer.

Knife-making Philosophy

The philosophy at Apogee is simple. Our first priority is to design a tool that works better in your kitchen. We begin with the best materials to deliver a knife that will last a lifetime from edge to handle. As a small company, we are the first to use some of the newest and most exciting materials like BD1N nitrogen steel made in America which has now proven in the real world to keep one of the toughest and longest lasting edges on any knife available.

Although we never recommend putting any knife in the dishwasher, we realize that many home cooks prefer it. This is why we only use G10 and linen Micarta handles on our premier knives. These are the only two materials that we can support with a lifetime warranty because they are two of the toughest materials in the knife-making industry. They won’t shrink, warp, crack or discolor even if they end up in the dishwasher.

Thoughtful Blade Designs

Blade design is critical, and we actually study how people use their knives. For example, our 8” Dragon Cook’s Knife specifically has more belly in the blade to give a home chef more edge in a smaller space. It also promotes a better rocking action for beginners, and will stay sharper longer if someone is prone to hit their blade on the cutting board, because the blade shape will only allow about one percent to hit the board at any given moment, protecting the rest of the edge. Our Dragon Fire series is lighter and has straighter edges that are more representative of a French or professional design. Our Dragon Fusion Knife is for cooks who want one shape that does everything. At Apogee, we try to have a knife that fits all cutting styles.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at sglassen@apogeeculinary.com or depstein@apogeeculinary.com. Thanks!